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Tourniquet by Crochet


28 November
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this is from highschool. im in a different place now.
I'm Zac, I'm dead, I'm alive, I'm sad, I'm happy, I'm Mr. Universe, I'm Mr. Crappy, I'm fun, I'm gay, I'm a lesbian, I'm male, I'm the one who killed your pet llama by accident on that fishing trip, I hate rapists, murderers, people, shalowness, olives, seafood and fairies. I am vegetarian.

$$$, 60's pop, aimee mann, air, alcohol, alice hehehe, alicia fulford-wierzbicki, american beauty, art, art house movies, auf der maur, basement jaxx, beaches, beauty, big day out, bjork, bleeding, boys, buffy, burt bacharach, candles, catatonia, chicks on speed, clubs, courtney love, courtney taylor-taylor, crowded house, cry wolf, crying, cuddling, daginess, dancer in the dark, dandy warhols, daria, dead people, death, dionne warwick, distillers, drinking, dusty springfield, ebay, ecstacy, electronica, enigma, enlightenment, europeans, evil children, evil sexy boys, eyelashes, falling into the sky, fiona apple, flamma flamma, fletch in sydney, flirting, foreign films, friends, garbage, gay boys, gay men, geek the girl, goldfrapp, guys, gwen stefani, healing, hole, homemade clothes, hot topic, human people, intelligence, jb hifi, jess weir, josie lister, kate bush, katy rose, kelis, kill bill, laughing, laura imbruglia, learning from mistakes, life, lisa germano, loreena mckennit, love, love outside andromeda, lsd, magic dirt, magical people, manosa's live journal, marton csokas, massive attack, meeting new people, melting into puddles, men, milkshakes, moloko, monster, movement, mr. lindsay, music, my life without me, my lip piercings, my one eyed cat, neil finn, nirvana, no doubt, not being alone, oxford st shops, peaches, photography, piercings, pj harvey, porn, portishead, possibilities, queer, queer as folk, radiohead, rage, rain, rain the movie, rem, salad fingers, sandy shaw, see through clothes, sheryl crow, sleeping, slide, slutty dancing, something for kate, spirituality, strict machine, stupid dancing, sunlight, the corrs, the cranberries, the league of gentelmen, thirteen, tori amos, travis, tripping with granny, utopia, vegetarians, vespertine, weird clothes, weird people, xena