tourniquet_lust (tourniquet_lust) wrote,

New Job wooo wooo!!

My life plans have changed so much in the last few weeks! Now i am defering uni -again- because i have my very first Adult job. wooo wooo! Im on contract for $35000 until feb to work at St. George investigating Merchant Policies and that they are sticking to them without being fraudulent. I really didnt think i would get the job but i did. Winner! I am looking so forward to going from $50 a week to $800. I have however, never worked full time and a 37.5 hour week is going to take some getting used to. Im pretty happy that it will force me into being more responsible and less parro during the week! Healthy living!! Wooo Yeah!! OOHHH im like a grown up and have to wear shirt and tie to work in the office. Ohhh my own desk and computer!! OOHHH!!! oooohhhh im excited!! I did however have to cancel my holiday in december that was taking me to Finland, Estonia, Rome, Venice, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK...but i'll just resume that later. Defering uni is a bugger also because i was just getting so productive, inspired and creative. Never mind! this oportunity wouldnt have come up again, i am replacing someone on maternity leave, so most people only get 3 month contracts, so a 10 month one is very rare! It will be good for my resume and i will learn many office skills. I'm quite excited about having a job where i dont have to intereact with the general public!! no assholes!! woo woo!! i start wednesday in the city. Im a little nervous but quite excited!
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