tourniquet_lust (tourniquet_lust) wrote,

broken up

i havent left my bed for the last 36 hours. im over it now. now im hungry. i suppose now i get up and eat for 36 hours. i am hungry.

i suppose i'll get my tattoo for you today. then it will all be over and i can find someone really nice and much better for me.

time to eat!
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:( :( :( are you ok?????????
love you x
im ok. broke up with brad because he doesnt love me even though its been almost a year together. of course it hurts but i have to move on. ... so i got a tattoo today. better than cutting. i like it. i like where it is, subtle at the top of my ankle behind my left leg. its my biggest tattoo so far. i'll post a new blog with a picture of it.

love you, see you in 9 weeks xxxxxxxxxx