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OOOhhhhh my first entry in 18 weeks

that can only mean 1 thing, im in Tasmania and so bored i want to commit incest. too bad my family aren't here. generally though im happy to be on holiday escaping from mars for a bit.

Today i went to the 'beach' (gravelly beach its called). It was gravelly.
There were lots of beached huge jellyfish. SO HUGE. I felt sorry for them so i picked them up and plonked then back in the water. them another half hour to live before they got beached again. None of them stang me. I even actually perferated one picking it up because it was so jellyish. lucky they have no brains or nervous system. i still said sorry though.

ive just finished reading my long lost marianne faithfull autobiography. a large section made me want to get some smack. the bit where she was a junkie living on the street 1971-2. which was pretty bad, but sounded good. then things got really really really heroin fucked up beyond streets to just plain disgusting. so im off that thought path for a while. which is good.

waiting at melb airport for 3 hrs gave me time to watch all the international planes take off. now im itching to leave even more. i could right now if i wanted. and i really really really want too. but i'll save a bit more first i think. but as i watched the planes i wanted it so badly i almost cried. (that's fiest's fault - see 'So Sorry' from the reminder).

I cant wait to get out of australia to a world where no one knows me and i can do whatever i like
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