tourniquet_lust (tourniquet_lust) wrote,

Last adelaide show

Just had my final tori show for this tour. It was amazing. My second pip and it was better than the first. Adelaide was her best audience, people were dancing in the aisles, waving their arms, woohooing and tori was FEEDING off the energy. She opened with Cruel and went off as usual. Fat slut had her writing on the floor.

Siren was lovely to hear again

Putting the damage was soft and beautiful, enhanced by Jon’s Cello playing.

Me and a Gun had the audience deadly quiet. All you could hear was the air conditioning, no one moved or breathed.

Parasol made a return, as did a driven Spark.

Cooling was a nice surprise and Code Red rocked the house.

My highlight came after the show, a few meet and greets ago tori and I discussed what symbols were powerful to her that I could get a tattoo of. As I put her on the spot she said she’d get back to me in Adelaide. At the meet and greet today she said see Smitty later. So after the show I hung around for a bit inside and saw Dana and asked her for Smitty and they let me stay for about 20 mins in Tori’s coffee room. I didn’t get to see her really, just fleetingly as she darted to get changed. Then I waited. And waited. And Smitty gave me a note that tori had written for me about the symbols I should get. They are mostly to do with healing. And off I went.

About 30 people were waiting out the back. They were crowding the door so I assumed she would go out the front instead. She shyed her head away from the 10 or so people out the front. When the car was about to leave she waved goodbye to everyone and then when she saw me we made sign language for about 20 seconds. It was beautiful!!!!!! We blew each other kisses, she gestured from her heart to mine. She pointed to her head and then to mine and nodded wisely about the symbols she has given me. It made me very happy and was a lovely ending to my whirlwind tour with her.
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