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OOOhhhhh my first entry in 18 weeks

that can only mean 1 thing, im in Tasmania and so bored i want to commit incest. too bad my family aren't here. generally though im happy to be on holiday escaping from mars for a bit.

Today i went to the 'beach' (gravelly beach its called). It was gravelly.
There were lots of beached huge jellyfish. SO HUGE. I felt sorry for them so i picked them up and plonked then back in the water. them another half hour to live before they got beached again. None of them stang me. I even actually perferated one picking it up because it was so jellyish. lucky they have no brains or nervous system. i still said sorry though.

ive just finished reading my long lost marianne faithfull autobiography. a large section made me want to get some smack. the bit where she was a junkie living on the street 1971-2. which was pretty bad, but sounded good. then things got really really really heroin fucked up beyond streets to just plain disgusting. so im off that thought path for a while. which is good.

waiting at melb airport for 3 hrs gave me time to watch all the international planes take off. now im itching to leave even more. i could right now if i wanted. and i really really really want too. but i'll save a bit more first i think. but as i watched the planes i wanted it so badly i almost cried. (that's fiest's fault - see 'So Sorry' from the reminder).

I cant wait to get out of australia to a world where no one knows me and i can do whatever i like
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hey i got nothin to say but i figured ur bored shitless so i am commenting for you whoo hoooo
and now no news cos i spoek to u yesterday. take photos of dead or dying sea creatures for me. and AND i want a photo of a bogan in a flanny, preferably holding an axe
Oh dear. This means we will pop up on the Plasmas. I love the one of you, me and carlo (pic 113).

and there are two pictures which express my love for ED.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i forgot that excessive photo taking and mars go hand in hand with INTERNET!

im pretty glad that these photos feature us before the sun went down.

carlo: hello gorgeous, you remember my name? whats ur name?
me: alice and...err... i forgot ur name im sorry
carlo: you remember, everybody knows who i am. you know my name

what a charmer, i dream of carlo!

sooooo sian is back?????!!!! how long for?
Sian is back for good at the moment until she saves around 5 grand to take off again. Ugh ugh ugh so many bogans and pregnant teenages here. im dying. i did just buy an art book though and some goosebumps books so that should get me through the next few days.

we all dream of carlo.


..........but not j***** carlo carlo hehehe
alice's face in photo 113 made me happy for a looooong time. why are there so many rear end shots?

so i have a question. you know how if you whore yourself for crack you're a crack whore... if you whore yourself for smack are you a smack whore? or is a smack whore just someone who loves to be punished? important questions i raise.


a smack whore loves to punish oneself with smack.

cant wait for christmas bling in july..!
bling in JULY?????????????????????? reaaaaals??
and what?
also im a tad excited to see the flanny pic cheers big ears
he was wearing chef pants
I especially like how alice features in picture 90 but only the smartest of cool cats would realise this. I'm going to try and cut picture 113 down to just alice and zac and put it as the screen saver on danny's computer without him knowing.
???? 90... thats rob, thomas and jai... unless alice transformed into a 3 headed gay monster man.

oooohhh you are a sneaky devil donna!

singstar soon
is singstar broken?!?!!
i dont think so...i didnt try it out. i just dumped it in the back room so hopefully all will be ok!

in other news....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my sister is so less tame than i thought. she's 16. over the whole getting high and drunk thing...and..

she gave me a tab yesterday.

so tomorrow im going into a forest to play!
WOOAAAHHHHH when will me sister do that? fucken bitch!
im glad ur trip took a turn for the fun